We are raising seed money through one time donations.

We are also raising monthly support for our first two to three years. Every dollar given will build the kingdom of God in White House and will also be multiplied many times over in monies given from LWF to local and Global missions.

Our reoccurring goal is 3,000 monthly over the next two-years. 

Our one time giving donation goal is 45,000.

What we are praying for:

1. One hundred individuals/churches/businesses to commit a recurring monthly donation for two-three years.

2. Fifty individuals/churches/businesses to invest a one-time donation.

3. Five individuals/churches/businesses to invest a $5,000 or larger one-time donation.

All donations to Living Word will be monitored by our parent church, Bellshire Assembly of God, You will receive an annual Giving Statement and all gifts are completely tax deductible. 

Click on the link below to make your financial stand with us. Thank you for your donation!