What is Living Free?

Living Free is a small group strategy that has helped over 800,000 people learn to face life's struggles and move toward freedom and wholeness in Christ.

At church and work, people are smiling outside--hurting inside. Keeping up appearances, but something has its hooks in them. It threatens to take them under. Things such as depression. anxiety. anger. broken relationships. care-giving responsibilities. addictions. eating disorders. money problems. compulsive sex. another loved-one's problems, and many other things.

See how this small group strategy works. We believe in the power of God's word and grace to set people completely free. Not partially or half way or even almost free, but 100% free. Come hear some powerful stories of changed lives, and check out proven resources and tools. 

Classes are on Wednesday nights, starting at 7 pm. We also have new ones starting all the time. There is one for you. There was one for us.